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DIY: Niche cabinet for the bathroom

Thomas made the cabinet with niche in the hotel-chic bathroom in Uithoorn, where residents wanted more luxury and storage space. The cabinet is made of waterproof glued plywood, and is finished with a waterproof stucco layer. With the latter it gets that tough concrete look.

You will need this:

  • 2 planks waterproof (hardwood) glued plywood 122 x 244 x 18 mm
  • Mortex to finish the job
  • Drilling machine
  • Screws
  • Miter saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Router
  • Copy milling cutter

Step 1

Cut the boards to size with the crosscut saw. First make one side. It is 180 cm high and 20 cm wide. Then make the niches / trays:
– a niche for shampoo measuring 40 by 40 cm
– a recess for towels measuring 60 by 40 cm
– a niche for toilet rolls measuring 35 by 17 cm
– a niche for toilet brush measuring 60 by 20 cm

All these boards are 16.4 cm high. With twice the thickness of the sides (2 x 18 mm) you are 20 cm wide in total.

When the bins are ready, place them on one side as in the picture. Fix them on with wood glue.

Step 2

Then the other side can be put on top. You also attach a shelf to the front, so that you close the cabinet. The shelf is 20 cm wide and 180 cm high. You also attach a board at the top.

Step 3

Cut the shapes of the niches from the sides again. From the front wall that you have just attached, you mill the niche for the towels. With a copy cutter you know exactly where the edges of the niches are.

Step 4

This is not shown in the photo, but fasten the same plank as the front (20 cm wide, 180 cm high) to the wall. This is the back of the cabinet. Once it is fixed, you fasten the cabinet with screws on the back – and thus on the wall.

Step 5

Stucco the furniture to make it waterproof and give it a concrete appearance. We used Mortex from Beal.


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