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DIY: Stylish wine rack | RTL News

Preparing the bar

In this wine rack the bottles hang with their necks in a hole. Mark a hole the size of a wine bottle neck every 10 centimeters.

Drill holes in the places you marked. Do this with a speed drill. The top tip drills the first hole. The two edges on both sides always scrape away an extra piece of wood, creating a nice hole.

To prevent the bottom of your wine rack from getting splinters, you can attach a piece of wood to the other side of the hole. Secure this well to avoid drilling a crooked hole. Check every now and then whether your hole is completely straight while drilling.


Once you’ve drilled all the holes, it’s time to sand and finish everything smooth. Take the sander and sand the beam completely smooth.

Because you will be staining the beam later, it is useful to place it or hang it in a place where it can dry properly.

Roll a thin layer of stain over the entire bar. It is better to do this thinly two or three times than one too thick. That gives the best result.

Paint the front of the bar black. Do this very thinly and carefully, as you don’t want any drips on the side of your freshly stained bar.

Hanging your wine rack

While you let the beam dry, prepare the steel attachment for the wall. Cut the black tube to size and attach the steel couplings to it. Then attach the couplers to the top and bottom of the beam.

Screw the couplings into the wall so that it hangs.

Pay attention: Do not hang your wine rack in the sun, because that is bad for your wine.

And then the last step: wines!


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