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DIY: This is how you make a fire pit in the garden to get through the cold days

Step 1. The oil barrel

To work! We are going to make a fire pit and a storage for the wood. We start with the fire pit. The oil barrel must be cut in half first. It is best to put lines on the barrel so that you know exactly where the middle is. To cut the oil barrel in half, use an angle grinder to cut the oil barrel in half.

Tip: cutting creates a sharp edge on the steel, remove it after sawing so that you do not cut your hands!

Step 2. Air supply

Take the bottom part of the oil barrel and place it where you want the fire pit. Make two holes in the side of the oil barrel to allow air to pass through. Grab those old bricks! We are going to start on the wall of the fire pit.

Step 3. Bricks

Place the first layer of bricks around the oil barrel. After this you can remove the oil barrel and put it back again once all the bricks are in place. Mix the cement well with water and make sure that it does not get too moist, this will keep the cement firm. Spread the cement over the first layer of blocks and apply the following layers as well. After 4 or 5 layers the fire pit is probably high enough. Ready? Then you can put the oil barrel back in!

Step 4. Wood storage

To conveniently store the wood, we make another wood storage for the fire pit. For this we use the remaining part of the oil barrel. Place it on its side and place a number of blocks on both sides of the oil barrel so that the oil barrel remains stable. Here you can now store a nice stock of wood.

Step 5. Wood blocks

Time to get the wood in! Fill up your wood storage and then fill the fire pit with logs. Add a fire and get started!


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