DLSS growth: Nvidia releases new game-ready driver

Nvidia’s new game-ready driver also includes support for DLSS in other games.

Updating the driver for Geforce graphics cards can be worthwhile! Updating the Game Ready driver will result in higher frame rates depending on the game. This is made possible by several driver optimizations, and Nvidia also ensures broader support for DLSS with each driver. With the Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology (DLSS) developed by Nvidia, games can be calculated in lower resolutions and extrapolated to the desired target resolution by the AI ​​units of the RTX graphics cards. This results in higher frame rates with little loss of image quality.

New DLSS support

For example, the current Game Ready driver 512.15 WHQL comes with DLSS support for the action game Ghostwire: Tokyo. The “Evil Dead: The Game” based on the feature film should also run better with DLSS. On the other hand, if you still play the open-world game “Paradise Killer”, you can benefit from a frame rate that is up to 60 percent higher with DLSS at 4K resolution.

Alternative for old GTX graphics cards

The game “Shadow Warrior 3” was also optimized. Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) is also available in the titles “Chorus”, “Jurrassic World Evolution 2” and “No Man’s Sky” after the update. This should significantly improve the image quality if your own graphics card still has reserves. If you don’t have a current RTX graphics card from Nvidia, you can also use Nvidia’s spatial upscaling to improve the frame rate, even on old GTX graphics cards or if DLSS support is missing. In addition, the new driver provides support for eleven other GSync-compatible monitors. Nvidia presents details on the performance improvements of the individual games on its official website.

AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS in direct performance and quality comparison

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