Do numbers on the bottom of Jägermeister bottles really have a meaning? “Skiers think so”

Jägermeister, that famous brand immediately makes you think of snow and mountains. One thinks it is just a syrupy sugar drink, the other thinks it is a wonderful boost after a day of skiing. Originally it was a kind of herbal drink that was supposed to have medicinal powers, but now it is mainly part of après-ski and Christmas markets. In any case, the marketing of the spirits brewed and bottled in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, is good. The brand likes to keep a number of myths alive. For example, 6 of the 56 herbs in the recipe remain secret from the general public.

The lowest number is a treat

So there is also that drinking game on and around the ski slopes in the Alps. Such a bottle is the amount of a ‘shot’. When yours is empty, check the bottom of the bottle. There are cryptic numbers. The story goes that the person with the lowest number pays the next round. There is only one rule: you may not cheat beforehand, because changing the bottles is cheating.

As beautiful as the memories of this drinking game may be, it turns out not to be the real meaning of that numbering. Jägermeister knows that some skiers play that game, but it was not invented by them and it is not an official marketing campaign of theirs: “It is a fun and enjoyable game that winter sports enthusiasts have made of it, but we still recommend that you use Jägermeister in a responsible way. to drink ”, says Jägermeister.

What do those symbols really want to say?

The game may be a nice application of the numbers, but what do the symbols on the bottom of the bottles really mean? That is a myth that the producer does want to explain.

The small 20 ml bottles have three symbols. The M is a measure of the size of the package. Since these small bottles have a fixed size, they are marked ‘M’. The number, which is used in the game, stands for the number of the mold with which the bottle is made. The bottles are poured into different molds and so they can easily find out with which mold your bottle was made. The third character represents the manufacturer. There are several manufacturers in it Wolfenbüttel who produce the Jägermeister. For example, “Sto” stands for the manufacturer “Stölzle”. Any manufacturer has its own symbol.

On the bottom around the bottle we see a typical engraved edge. Some Jägermeister bottles also have the amount of Jägermeister in the bottle and the maximum filling capacity of the bottle engraved next to the symbols.

Jagermeister also indicates that they were looking for a shape for the design of the original bottle that cannot break if you drop it on a wooden kitchen floor. As a test, they dropped hundreds of bottles from different heights until only the bottle with the world-famous robust shape remained. Even today, the quality of the bottle is very important to Jägermeister, according to the producer. Each bottle would undergo 383 quality checks before being filled and allowed to leave the factory.


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