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Do you already know these podcasts? # 43 Tech

New podcasts are released every week. For inspiration, Richard Otto of the specialist media platform therefore selects five listening podcasts every week. This time the tech podcasts.

The Technologist

Herbert Blankesteijn and Ben van der Burg talk to cutting-edge experts about technological developments and the impact on our society. Some of the topics discussed in this BNR podcast are Gamification, the energy transition, e-health, AVG and smart homes.

Bright Podcast

The popular platform Bright has also had a podcast for some time now. The weekly tech podcast. In each episode the most important news, but also trends and gadgets are discussed. You have also come to the right place for reviews, tests and tips of new products.

Tweakers Podcast

The podcast of the largest tech site in the Benelux gives a nice picture of what is for sale in the tech field. From new cameras, video cards, smartwatches, games to apps.

In the podcast you can hear everything about the latest developments around Apple. The editors of tell about their experiences, which products they have recently tested and what they think of the important events in the news. A must for all Apple fans.

NOS on 3 Tech Podcast

In the NOS on 3 Tech Podcast you hear the latest news from the world of technology and social media every week. This podcast series answers questions such as: Is 5G safe? How dangerous are political deepfakes in the Netherlands? And what data does TikTok collect about you?

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Do you already know these podcasts? # 43 Tech


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