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Do you already know these podcasts? # 44 Classic

New podcasts are released every week. For inspiration, Richard Otto of the specialist media platform therefore selects five listening podcasts every week. This time Classical Music

1. Bach of the Day

With the Bach of the Day podcast, program maker Frank de Munnik takes listeners on a musical journey that he has been making for years along the work of Johann Sebastian Bach. What is the connection between Bach’s work and the fall of the Berlin Wall? Would E.T. have ever listened to a Brandenburg concert? And how does the influence of Bach resound well into the twentieth century?

2. Fit on 4

With the Fit on 4–Podcast teaches you to run to classical music. Running coach Ab Nieuwdorp takes you through the training, with not only running instructions, but also tasty facts about the music you are training on. With the ultimate goal: 60 minutes of non-stop running.

3. Calm with the classic

In the podcast series of AVROTROS and NPO Radio 4 “Calm with Classical” you get a dose of relaxation through the ears every working day. In this podcast classical music is selected to relax from Bach’s “Air” to Pärt’s “Spiegel im Spiegel”.

Beethoven is more than a dog a crash course classic

In the five-part podcast “Beethoven is more than a dog” storytelling classicconnoisseur Jet Berkhout and AVROTROS editor Fieke de Boeck everything you need to know about classical music. A very accessible podcast where the dust has been blown off well.

5. Classic mysteries

In the AVROTROS and NPO Radio 4 podcast series “Classic Mysteries”, Rebecca van der Weijde and Ab Nieuwdorp explore the intriguing and exciting stories surrounding the life and especially the death of classical composers, including Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.

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Do you already know these podcasts? # 44 Classic


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