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Do you have a garden? Do not forget to do this if it starts to freeze

1. Shut off water

Do you have an outside tap or a garden hose on the grass? Then close the tap (you can drain it with a frost valve) and store the hose after you have blown it empty.

Also pay attention to empty pots or watering cans in your garden. A layer of water can cause frost damage. So put them upside down or under a shelter.

2. Protect plants from frost

Of course you do not want your plants to freeze to death in the winter. Therefore, follow our three tips and make sure that your green friends also survive the bleak wind.

3. Prepare your lawn for winter

To make sure your lawn looks its best again in the spring, you can prepare the grass for the winter:

  • Are there leaves on your grass? Then remove it with a rake or blower. Because of the leaves, no sun can reach the grass, so that it remains moist and can rot.
  • Due to the warm autumn months, the grass can sometimes continue to grow until November. Just before this stops (and the temperature drops) you can start working with the lawn mower for the provisional last time. You set this up to a height of 4 centimeters.
  • Sprinkle lime to reduce moss and algae growth in winter.

4. Prune trees when it is not freezing yet

Do you prune too late in November? Not for these plants! As long as the frost does not show itself yet, you can still prune a few plants and trees. So grab the secateurs quickly before it’s too late.

Feed the birds

You can feed birds all year round, but especially in winter they really need the extra food.


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