Do you have a Samsung cell phone? This is what awaits you with the update to One UI 5.0

The new version of Android and with it the One UI 5.0 from Samsung is approaching. Here you can find out what innovations are on board.

Android 13 and with it One UI 5.0 will be available on Galaxy devices in the coming months. The first smartphones from Samsung to receive the update are the Galaxy S22 series models. Google recently released the final beta of Android 13 for testing. As has learned, Samsung will start its beta test for One UI 5.0 in July.

One UI 5.0 will offer these innovations

In addition to new functions, the Galaxy devices should also receive various improvements, such as smoother animations and improved performance. The notification center, in which the app icons are enlarged, has also been revised. In addition, Samsung adds an OCR function at various points in the interface, which can be used directly from the Gallery app or the Samsung keyboard to recognize text on images, for example. This saves the tedious task of entering texts. The first leaked screenshots of One UI 5.0 also show a new screen for app rights release and a switch for activating “Ultra-wideband (UWB)” is added in the “Connections” section.

There will be more information about new features and improvements in One UI 5.0 as soon as the beta is available. Shipping of One UI 5.0 will begin when Google releases the final version of Android 13 later this year.

Because One UI 5.0 is based on Android 13, all the innovations and improvements of Android 13 will of course also be included. These include:

  • Improved system optimization on tablets and foldable devices

  • Support for the MIDI 2.0 standard (more information here )

  • Supports Bluetooth LE function for lower power consumption during Bluetooth use)

  • A greatly improved version of the Google Calendar app

  • Adding new colors to Material You

  • New screen unlock animations

  • Improvement of the “backward” gesture

These are just some of the new features that Android 13 will offer. For a more detailed introduction of Android 13, see this post.

These Galaxy devices are not expected to receive One UI 5.0 / Android 13

Samsung offers users of its smartphones four years or even five years of support with system updates for selected younger devices. Support for various popular devices will end this year, including models from the Galaxy S10 series. Android 13 will also not be available to Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ owners. In summary: These Galaxy smartphones are unlikely to receive Android 13 (and thus One UI 5.0):

And these Galaxy devices will get One UI 5.0 / Android 13

In the following article you can find out which Samsung smartphones and devices from other manufacturers are likely to receive the Android 13 update:

Android 13: These smartphones will receive the update

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