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Do you like your date? Then vote for one of these parties

Politics as a topic of conversation

Almost half of the singles (46.1%) don’t mind talking about politics on the first date. And three quarters are not afraid to share their political preferences. In this way you finally get to know the other person better.

The Dutch political landscape has a record number of 37 parties on the ballot this year, including 15 new parties. So there is a good chance that you will find someone with a different political preference and that is not bad at all, according to most singles. For example, only a small percentage of Dutch singles (7.5%) would turn off someone if it turns out that he or she has a different political preference. One in five (and even one in four among men) finds it attractive when the other votes on something else.

There is also a very different opinion on Twitter.

Favorite party leaders as a date

Jesse Klaver is a favorite among female singles when it comes to which party leader they prefer to date. Here too it is left at the top, then it turns to the right. The numbers two and three here are Mark Rutte and Thierry Baudet.

Date and politics

Although the man prefers a date with someone who votes for the VVD, Lilian Marijnissen is most often chosen as the favorite party leader to go on a date with, something that Bas recently did for a television program. If we do go on a date with them, the walk and coffee to go have been very popular since corona, then we prefer to talk about nature and the environment (33.5%), the housing market (35.4%) and the corona approach (37%).

And then there is also dating (local) politicians.


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