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Do you suffer from a winter blues? You can do this about it

1. Get up early

If you suffer from the winter blues this advice will be the last thing you want to hear: but it is definitely good for you to get up early. A winter depression has everything to do with your biological clock, according to chronobiologist Judith Haffmans. “When your biological clock gets confused, all rhythms in your body get out of balance.”

A steady rhythm is therefore very important. Are you still tired early in the morning? Then go to bed a little earlier: this is better for you than sleeping in!

2. Go outside every day

The fresh air will do you good, so take a walk more often. Not only do you come into contact with light, it also provides extra energy and movement.

3. Light therapy

A winter dip often arises from the lack of light. The days are getting shorter and you are indoors a lot. To ensure that your body produces enough vitamin D, you can opt for light therapy. There are different types of lamps that you can put on your bedside table that will wake you up with natural light.

Eat healthy

Snuggling up on the couch under a blanket will make you crave a chocolate bar rather than a kiwi – but did you know that unhealthy products and fast carbohydrates make you feel tired and depressed in the long run? Therefore try to eat as healthy as possible. Slow carbohydrates like vegetables and brown rice are better for you and make you feel full for longer.

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