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Do you suffer from quarantine kilos? You can do this to detox your body

Sitting at home for months does no good for our body. Many people exercise less, eat more, and are nowhere near that recommended 10,000 steps a day. The result? The quarantine kilos are flying and well, once the gate is off the dam…

You don’t want it, but it happens. You gradually lose control of eating healthy and the motivation to exercise. Logical, because you miss your gym, yoga friends and routine. It easily sneaks in when the structure falls away and you suddenly have to rely on yourself.

How come you love handles now have a little too much “love”?

Where you normally have to cycle or walk, you don’t even have to go out the door in the morning to go to work. And where you previously went to exercise at night, you now also have to find the energy to take an online sports class (often in the same room where you have been sitting all day). Regardless of what the downstairs neighbor thinks, you probably do not feel like it yourself.

In addition to less (intensive) exercise, you may also eat more and unhealthier. Research has shown that a fifth of the Dutch have started to eat more sweets and 11 percent indicate that they have started drinking more alcohol since the corona crisis. And we understand that!

Because you’re suddenly at home a lot, you can grab something tasty faster – something you wouldn’t normally take with you to work. And there is no colleague nearby who looks at you strangely when you eat that whole bar of chocolate in a row. Or pour all that glass of wine at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Time to reset your body!

To kickstart the body for a healthier lifestyle, many people detox in the spring. But now, in corona times, the juice cures are hard to get by! The slow juiceries can hardly handle the requests, since many people apparently need a major reset. Because that’s what it does to you.

Don’t expect to lose pounds. And don’t fall for the marketing tricks of detox companies, which tell you to “detoxify” your body regularly. Your body can do that fine, unless you eat batteries.

It is mainly a mental process, where you are confronted with the quality and quantity of your diet.

Different ways to a healthier lifestyle

So if you can use a mental support (or rather kick under your butt), then such a juice treatment is quite useful. You will realize that you can stand upright if you eat less for a few days. And that you don’t have to give in to every hunger stimulus.

Now there are also countless other ways of detoxing. Intestinal flushes, clay treatments, alkaline treatments, you can’t imagine it. But there is no reason at all to torture yourself like that. Ultimately, it is best to clean your body with good food.

If you want a healthier diet, you can simply add more vegetables to your diet. Or experiment with intermittent fasting, where you only eat nothing for a certain part of the day and only drink water or juices.

See what you need and what is feasible for you. Ultimately, that is different for everyone and that search for balance is a personal process.

Detox? Do it safely

Would you rather have a detox? Keep this in mind:

  1. Because you are at home a lot during corona times, there are more relaxation options and there is more boredom. This makes it easier to be tempted.
  2. Do not miss essential nutrients, the risk of extreme fatigue, poor physical performance and other complaints is greater.
  3. You can choose to get started yourself, but there are also experts who can give you a hand. They give you useful information and tips before and during the treatment (even if your body reacts strangely).
  4. A detox cure is not suitable for everyone and sometimes, in certain diseases, for example, it is even not recommended.
  5. Keep it short – up to a week – and then slowly add healthy (!) Foods to your pattern.
  6. Daily “detox” (read: following a healthy diet) is better than always eating everything and following a detox cure twice a year.

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Do you suffer from quarantine kilos? You can do this to detox your body


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