Doctors boss: “Mass test helpful, but not a license to party”

Medical Association President Thomas Szekeres will “of course” be vaccinated with the new corona vaccination, he says in the Zib 2. The EU regulatory authority for drugs is very strict. The Covid vaccination has been tried and has no negative effects.

Is it realistic that 50 percent or more Austrians get vaccinated, as the Minister of Health is aiming for? Szekeres: “It’s a question of educating yourself and being confident about getting a good vaccine.” And you can.

There will be no compulsory vaccination for health workers, but they can only work with seriously ill people who are vaccinated. That’s the way it is now, for example with the flu vaccination. Szekeres is against a general vaccination requirement.

The President of the Medical Association thinks testing makes sense, and mass tests would help isolate infectious people and protect the environment.

No charter

A negative test is not a license to party. The planned mass production is a logistical challenge, but it could work. The tests have now become more reliable, and the fact that you can find out contagious people is helpful in preventing a third wave, a third lockdown.

Alone in the gondola

Regarding the debate about the winter sports season – Italy wants all slopes in Europe to remain closed until mid-January – Szekeres says: “Apres-ski shouldn’t take place, you won’t infect anyone on the slopes alone, but in the gondola and in the ski huts you can”. Skiing could be allowed, “but you would have to organize it so that you are alone in the gondola”.


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