Doctors opposed to vaccination: Disciplinary proceedings in Italy

Corona skepticism as a violation of the Hippocratic oath? On the day after the start of the Europe-wide anti-Covid vaccination campaign, the Italian Medical Association opened disciplinary proceedings against some doctors who came out in the media as opponents of vaccinations. Ten of the 13 doctors against whom disciplinary proceedings were initiated had spoken out against the anti-Covid vaccination.

Against corona deniers

In addition, there are investigations against three medical professionals who have been described as coronavirus deniers. The proceedings were initiated based on reports from citizens and colleagues. The doctors must now defend themselves before a committee of the Chamber and present scientific evidence for their attitude. The Commission will then decide whether there will be any sanctions.

Doctors showed remorse

“The disciplinary proceedings against ten opponents of the vaccination have already ended, in some cases with the termination of the proceedings because the doctors have shown remorse because of their views,” said Medical Association President Magi. In some cases there has been a suspension of up to two months. The proceedings against the three corona deniers are still ongoing.

Vaccination campaign is ongoing

The vaccination campaign against the coronavirus began throughout Italy on Sunday. Some employees at the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome were injected with the vaccine developed by Biontech. The vaccine is offered free of charge in Italy. Health workers and the elderly are the first to receive voluntary vaccination. Around 9,750 cans have already arrived in the country, and another 470,000 are expected from next week.


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