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Documentary + is also available as an app for selected devices.

Internationally, a new streaming service called Documentary + is starting. The content can be accessed free of charge.

As the name suggests, in contrast to most other streaming offers, Documentary + does not offer you films and series, but documentaries. But you have to dig around quite a bit to find something of higher quality or more recent posts. But there are definitely a few pearls, including some from well-known names such as Werner Herzog and Spike Jonze.

Appes for Documentary + are initially available for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices with Android or Apple iOS. You can also access the streaming offer via common web browsers under the link The streaming provider integrates feature-length documentaries as well as shorter contributions.

According to the makers, with Documentary + they want to offer the best contact point for fans of documentaries as well as their makers. Whether you can assert yourself in the hotly contested streaming market is of course another question. There is currently no advertising on offer, which is very surprising.

Documentary +: Financing model remains open

So how does Documentary + intend to finance itself then? It remains to be seen whether there will be commercials soon, which sounds likely to us, or whether there may be plans for paid subscriptions. Unfortunately, the company has not yet commented on this, so that one can only speculate at the moment. It should also be noted that the content on offer is in English, so no special adjustments have been made for regional markets such as Germany at the moment.

So would Documentary + be worth a look for you guys? Or do you have the documentaries that you find on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Netflix and the media libraries z. B. the public broadcaster finds?


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