Does Bitcoin Bring Everyone a Full Retirement Pot?

That bitcoin can peak and then plummet again is hopefully not news. Hopefully it isn’t that it’s particularly complicated to beat the market with your own basket of shares. They are laws of the old and new financial world. Investors should keep this very sharp on their retinas.

Moreover, investing in whatever form revolves around sheets with data, a lot of numbers with calculations and just as many euros, sometimes far behind the decimal point. It’s not the topics that make most people very happy (I do, and I’ll prove it in a moment).

It is not so strange that many people, and in particular self-employed persons, do not have a pension. So in spite of, Nibud and all other initiatives: money for later is simply too boring for most people. And would you do it anyway? Then you quickly notice how complicated it is and what is involved.

Psychologically, there is something special going on when it comes to investing and retirement. On the one hand, you would prefer to leave that to professionals, institutes and governments. Together they form systems in which emotions play the smallest possible role. This benefits the investment results, and thus the pension that is available to everyone at a later age. That is, if someone feels enough urgency to start on time.

On the other hand, those professionals, institutes and governments make it extremely uninteresting and unattractive to think about it for yourself. Let alone start and get started. That most people have no idea of ​​what they are doing and that in most cases self-employed people do not build up a pension is not so strange from a psychological point of view.

I discovered that I am an exception to this when I reported to the bank almost ten years ago (I was 23 at the time) for a pension product. I studied International Business and Management, in which the subjects of Finance and Accounting were discussed in detail. I had to delve into equities, portfolios, investment strategies and, above all, returns. The fact that the bank was particularly surprised at my enthusiasm to seriously start pension investing as early as possible already revealed that I walked a little differently from my peers and freelance peers.

Bitcoin seems to have the potential to wake up many more people in this way. I personally find it very hard to believe that cryptos will continue to provide us with sustainable returns over 25 years and beyond. However, that does not alter the fact that bitcoin makes a lot of people aware of the lack of return that they make without cryptos or other future strategy. Or even from the lack of money they set aside to invest in any way they can.

Bitcoin provides financial FOMO, much broader than crypto alone. It actively challenges you to examine your own financial situation, to set aside money and to try to make a return on it.

What professionals, institutes and governments find difficult to accomplish now suddenly seems to come naturally. More and more people are thinking more and more about their money, how they can make a return with it and how capital can be built up for later.

Let’s hope it wakes up the self-employed and others to pay more attention to money, assets and pensions. So that many more people will soon have a full pension pot, even if it does not contain bitcoin and consists of shares, ETFs, real estate, savings or any other form of value to help finance future prosperity.

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