Does Maan suggest cooperation with Acda and de Munnik?

Maan shares a photo on her Instagram with Thomas Acda and jokes: “Acda en de Maanik.” But that’s not the only indication of a collaboration. In her Stories on Instagram she also shares that they are on Ameland with Paul de Munnik and Typhoon. Now this can of course just be for fun, but the cameraman who frolics around it really seems to indicate a collaboration.

Thomas previously shared a photo with his former partner Paul de Munnik. “Don’t panic, we have been tested,” he added. Leonie ter Braak, among others, asked the singers to make a new album and received a lot of support. It is not known whether the collaboration is actually for new music. The foursome can often be found at Friends of Amstel LIVE, for which they may have been recording something as well.

Thomas Acda previously joined forces with Snelle, below you can see all about it.


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