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Dog life colorfully depicted in “Marona” | Movie

Marona, as the dog is called by her last owner, is born ninth in a nest full of “rubbish bins.” Because Dad may have been an arrogant purebred dog, but Mom wasn’t. She soon loses sight of the youngest, after which the graceful street acrobat Manole takes care of the animal. Just as the double-muscled builder Istvan and the schoolgirl Solange will do later.

Spade dog

Dog loyalty is not spent on people, Romanian animation film star Ana Damian (La montagne magique) to say. Because the unconditional love of Marona cannot prevent her from always being a bit of a shovel. That gives this sometimes challenging animation film an undertone of melancholy.

On the other hand, there is the design: a vibrant mix of 2D, 3D and cut-out animation. Smooth lines and rough sketches. In color and black and white. Also to the credit of the Belgian Brecht Evens – who was responsible for the character design – and of the Danish art director Gina Thorstensen and her Italian colleague Sarah Mazzetti. Together they are responsible for the scenery of this dog’s life, which caresses the eyes and touches the heart.



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