Dogecoin is fastest rising cryptocurrency – but creator Billy Markus sold everything | Financial

Billy Markus is still regularly asked by old customers to give tips about his crypto coin with the roguish sled dog as the image icon. This year, partly after buying tips from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to millions of followers, it has risen by about 1500%. The long-neglected coin became worth $ 10 billion in one fell swoop.

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But he must soon reveal that he sold the digital coins after being fired in 2015. He used the proceeds to continue to pay the rent, as well as to keep his old Honda Civic, he reports on social news site Reddit.

Given away and yet happy

He had also given away many of his coins after his Dogecoin project in the hands of newcomers no longer pleased him.

This year, the coin caught the attention of a growing community of crypto investors, who went for the alternative currency via social news blog Reddit when bitcoin became unaffordable.

The price increase gained momentum when Musk announced that he had already bought dogecoins for his new son, and that he wanted to keep them for the future.

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The 38-year-old founder of Dogecoin now works as a software designer for an education project in San Francisco. At the time, he had little intention with the coin itself: it was a joke. He calls the recent price increase “bizarre”.


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