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Dogs also reach puberty – a new study shows that

Similar to humans, dogs have a phase in which they are stubborn and don’t want to listen to their owners.

They usually reach puberty at around eight months.

If the relationship between dog and owner is not familiar, puberty can start earlier and more pronounced.

Many parents know it – from a certain age, teenagers no longer want to hear, but rather do the opposite of what is said. A British study by the Royal Society, a scholarly society for the maintenance of science, now shows: Dogs also go through such a phase. According to the authors of the study, the young animals are stubborn during this time and listen less to commands. They like to lean against their mistress or owner and test their limits.

The team led by veterinarian Lucy Asher from Newcastle University in Great Britain found that puberty started in dogs at around eight months. However, if bitches have a poorer relationship with their owners, puberty begins even earlier. Scientists examined more than 160 dogs and found that they all behaved similarly once they reached puberty.

Don’t do what your parents say

During the examinations, the owners gave their dogs the command “seat” at different ages. The result: At the age of eight months they heard much worse than at five months or later at one year. However, the young dogs were only stubborn when instructions from their owners came. The animals listened well to other people. It’s often similar with teenagers.

If the dogs had less trust and a rather insecure relationship with their owners, the disobedience was even more pronounced. The scientists conclude that not only hormones play a role, but also the relationship between dog and owner.

The study shows that dogs are very sensitive at this stage, the authors say. In most dogs, this pubescent phase passes after a few months. That is why the researchers want to sensitize dog owners. Because: Some dogs are given to the animal shelter if they behave wrongly. Or their owners punish them with upbringing methods that, in the worst case, solidify problematic behavior. So if your dog is a little rebellious and seems to be doing exactly the opposite of what you say – the little one may just be in puberty.


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