Doing business in 2022 | Year of the pandemic | And what is the chance that you will win that 30 million?

The SP in Rotterdam wants to glue what can be glued. The party has been a mess for some time and in the Maasstad this has led to a rift. The Rotterdam SP branch has separated from the national branch and will continue under a new name. In today’s members’ meeting, an ultimate attempt is made to get everything and everyone back on the mothership.

This will change for entrepreneurs in 2022. The start of the new year also means that some laws and regulations will change for enterprising Netherlands. For example, the self-employed deduction will be further reduced, the travel allowance will be overhauled and the addition for the private use of new electric cars will change. You can read an extensive overview here.

2021 was – again – the year of the pandemic. The first shot was made and the support packages were phased out. The end of corona seemed in sight. Nothing could be further from the truth in the last weeks of the year. We are moving from press conference to press conference. RTL Z anchor Roland Koopman saw them all. Does he see light at the end of the tunnel? You can see that at 11 a.m. on RTL Z.

What would you do with 30 million? Vacation, new house, fast car, but yes, you will have to rake it in first. For example, by winning the State Lottery’s New Year’s Eve draw. The chance of that is small, you know that somewhere, but how small exactly? Let’s put it this way: the chance of guessing the pin code of a debit card found is more than 2000 times greater. But don’t let that stop you!

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Busy times in Antwerp. Since our southern neighbors are not in lockdown, the Dutch drive en masse that way for a day out. Some Belgians are grateful for the extra turnover, others think it is ‘not very social, solidarity or sensible’. We took a look at a crowded city.

We think you should also read this:
In the past you got a DVD player with you when you bought a new phone, nowadays you get a house, vacation or your driver’s license from some employers. Everything to keep things workable with the acute staff shortage.

And you may have missed this yesterday: Around this turn of the year, millions of lottery tickets are again bought by people who dream of wealth. But how happy does money make? Jolanda Houben and Tamara Straatman both became (multi) millionaires in one fell swoop thanks to a lottery ticket. ‘On the toilet I found out I had 10 million’

This could come along at the coffee machine:

  • A bit of a shame this Koopmans, so just before the New Year’s Eve
  • If you do buy a ticket for the New Year’s Eve trekking, please check it carefully
  • It’s quite grubby not to pay alimony, but this sanction on it will also go far
  • Illegal downloading, yes, it still happens, and this series was most often torrented together in 2021
  • Siri, explain our Netherlands in one sentence during the lockdown (or okay, two is also allowed)

Good day!

ps Joechei, gas prices are taking a mini dive. All thanks to an armada of gas tankers that has set sail for Europe. Z found out, good for solving the gas shortages, but that price drop is probably not permanent.

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