Donald Trump on impeachment: “The greatest witch hunt in political history”

US President Donald Trump warns that the impeachment procedure against him is infuriating the population.

Trump has addressed some reporters in the White House yard. He said in response to the storms of the Capitol that he does not want violence.

A witch hunt

He was also particularly keen on the impeachment proceedings that the Democrats have launched against him. “It is a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in political history,” he said. “It’s ridiculous.”

At the same time, he said that the impeachment procedure is causing “immense anger” among the population. Still, the president has not called on his supporters to remain calm during Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 20. The US Federal Police Department FBI previously warned of armed demonstrations in all 50 states and the capital Washington D.C.

In response to that warning, the security services have increased the security measures for taking the oath. According to the most recent reports, the National Guard would deploy 10,000 troops.

Taking oath outside

Biden has already announced that he will take the oath outside. “I’m not afraid,” he said Tuesday after receiving the second dose of the corona vaccine. “I think it is now important to hold those guilty of seditions, threats to people and violence to account,” he added.

Trump has already announced that he will not be present at Biden’s oath. The cancellation was widely expected, but Trump is breaking with a long American political tradition.


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