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Donald Trump sacks cybersecurity chief

The outgoing president persisted in contesting his defeat in the American presidential election by dismissing on Tuesday the head of the government agency in charge of electoral security, which defends the probity of the poll.

The outgoing president persisted in contesting his defeat in the American presidential election by dismissing on Tuesday the head of the government agency in charge of election security, which defends the probity of the ballot.

(AFP) – Machines that would have “changed” the votes for Trump into votes for Joe Biden, the votes of deceased people … Two weeks after the November 3 election, the outgoing president still claims he won and reports, without evidence, irregularities in the election, while being contradicted by its own agencies. The dismissal of Chris Krebs, director of the cybersecurity and security agency, who declared that the presidential election had been “the safest in the history of the United States”, was announced by Donald Trump in a brief message on Twitter.

“Chris Krebs’ recent statement on the security of the 2020 elections was very inaccurate, since there have been massive irregularities and fraud,” the president wrote on his favorite social network. “This is why Chris Krebs was dismissed from his functions (…) with immediate effect.” “It was an honor,” responded the person in a tweet with the hashtag # Protéger2020. Chris Krebs reportedly told friends last week that he expected to be sacked.


Donald Trump’s announcement was immediately denounced by the Democratic opposition, which calls for accelerating the process of transition to the presidency of Joe Biden. “Chris Krebs is an amazing public servant and the very person Americans want to protect the security of our elections.

The president’s choice to dismiss him simply because he has his agency underlined in a press release published last week, signed by other American organizations, that there was “no evidence” of a voting system having erased, lost or changed ballots, or having been hacked in any way “tells the truth speaks volumes”, reacted the vice-president of the Senate in charge of intelligence, Mark Warner.

“It is pathetic, but sadly predictable, that the maintenance and protection of our democratic processes is a cause of dismissal,” for his part denounced the Democratic leader of the powerful Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, Adam Schiff. Former presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren called the dismissal “an abuse of power” by a “weak and desperate” president.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, said Chris Krebs was “deeply respected” and was fired for “speaking the truth to power and rejecting Trump’s constant campaign” on electoral fraud. Republican Senator Richard Burr said Chris Krebbs and his team “have worked tirelessly to strengthen our electoral infrastructure”.

While a handful of elected Republican Congressmen quickly recognized the Democrat’s victory, many others have remained silent or publicly supported Donald Trump’s accusations of fraud. The 45th President of the United States, who failed to be re-elected, unlike his three direct predecessors Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, on election day, adopted a very belligerent posture, promising a real judicial guerrilla warfare.

Since Joe Biden’s victory was announced on November 8, most leaders around the world have congratulated him, reinforcing the idea that no one – neither in the United States nor elsewhere – was taking them seriously. legal actions initiated by the Trump team. In the absence of any evidence supporting the hypothesis of massive electoral fraud, most of these appeals have since been rejected by the courts. As in a parallel reality, his most loyal ministers and advisers nevertheless ensure that the ground is being prepared for “a second Trump term”.

And the supporters of the president, a tide of red caps “Make America Great Again”, with whom Donald Trump did not stop surrounding himself in the last hours of his campaign, continue to be bombarded with requests for financial participation for “Defend the election”.

Opposite, Joe Biden continues his preparations for his future mandate. The former Democratic vice-president on Tuesday appointed a dozen members of his campaign team, half of them women and an influential black elected official, to surround him at the White House, where he will take office on January 20.


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