Donald Trump shows first doubts about election profit at press conference

US President Donald Trump continues to shout on Twitter that he has won the presidential election. On his first public appearance after the media proclaimed his Democratic rival Joe Biden the winner, Trump’s self-confidence shows the first cracks.

The press conference of the current US President Donald Trump was mainly about the approach to the corona virus. The president, now with gray hair, made it clear that the country would not go into lockdown.

“The United States will not go into lockdown”

At a press conference, the US president stressed that under his administration “the US will not go into lockdown under any circumstances”. He referred to the promising vaccine from the American company Pfizer and the German biotech company BioNTech.

“We have developed a vaccine five times faster than other governments,” it said. In doing so, he made it appear that the vaccine is only an American merit, while it is a collaboration with a German company.

“Time will tell”

But Trump also referred to the results of the US presidential election, and while insisting on Twitter that he is actually the winner and that Biden won fraudulently, the current president sounded a little less confident at the press conference.

In doing so, he made it clear that he could not estimate what would happen in the future with the measures concerning corona, as time must tell under which government that will be. Joe Biden is known to be in favor of strict measures against the spread of the corona virus. He has already assembled his own team of experts to prepare a plan for when he will take office as president in January.


As of yesterday, the last two states of the US, Georgia and North Carolina have also been assigned. In doing so, Georgia went to Democrat Joe Biden and Trump was given the state of North Carolina. Biden gained 16 extra electors and was also the first Democrat to win in the state since Bill Clinton in 1992. North Caroline accounted for 15 extra electors for Donald Trump.

As a result, the (provisional) final score is now also known. This includes 306 electors for Joe Biden and 223 for Donald Trump, signifying a clear victory for the Democrat. But these are preliminary figures because Donald Trump has already demanded recounts in several states where Joe Biden won. The state of Georgia has already said that it will manually count all votes again because it is a small difference in the state.


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