Donald Trump: This is why the President attacks Steve Jobs’ widow

US President Donald Trump.


The reports are piling up. The renowned magazine “The Atlantic” made the start, followed by the Associated Press, then the Washington Post and finally even the otherwise Trump-devoted station Fox News. All media relied on sources within the Trump administration and the US military. And these sources reported shameful reports.

About Donald Trump, who in 2018 refused to visit a cemetery for soldiers who died in World War I near Paris with the words: “Why should I visit this cemetery? He’s full of failures. ”

About a commander in chief of US troops who calls soldiers idiots for taking part in the Vietnam War.

About a US president who says John Kelly, who has since become Trump’s chief of staff in the White House, at the grave of his son who died in the war in Afghanistan: “I don’t understand. What was for her (the soldiers, Red’s note) in the matter? ”

On Trump refusing to hoist the flag over the White House in August 2018 in response to the death of Republican Senator and former prisoner of war John McCain: “Why the hell are we doing this?” The guy was a bloody failure. We will not support the funeral of this failure. “

A former senior member of the White House government team told, “I’m not surprised at the reports. I knew Donald Trump. That sounds like him. These statements fit his language. He used the word ‘failure’ as often as possible. ”

Trump denies all allegations – and lies

Trump denies all of this. He loves the troops, claims the US President, who has often brought these troops into danger through political decisions – for example when he did not respond to the warning from his secret services that Russia is apparently offering bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Trump claimed that he never called John McCain a “failure”. This is a lie, Trump made the corresponding statements in an interview during an election campaign, the video is clear.

Trump also claimed in his defense that he wanted to visit the military cemetery near Paris in 2018 and was annoyed that this was not possible due to bad weather – he also reported this to his wife Melania in Washington on the phone at the time. Another lie: Melania Trump stayed in Paris with her husband.

Trump denies and attacks Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell

On Sunday, Trump then switched to the usual mode. The US President describes any negative news about himself as an invention or a lie. Trump spread the conspiracy lie on Twitter that there was a massive coordinated disinformation campaign by the Democrats, the media and the big tech companies against him in order to rig the election. A lie. But in fact, according to their secret services, a disinformation campaign is taking place in the USA – again it is being controlled from Russia, again to help Trump win.

Then, unexpectedly, Trump got personal. He retweeted the tweet from right-wing conspiracy ideologist Charlie Kirk, an ardent supporter of the US President and operator of Turning Point USA, who is accused of racism and proximity to right-wing extremists.

Kirk attacked in his tweet “The Atlantic” for its report on Trump’s insults against soldiers – and Laurene Powell, the majority owner of the magazine and widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Because Powell made major donations to Trump’s competitor Joe Biden during the election campaign, Kirk assumed in his tweet that the entire “Atlantic” was biased. And Trump used that for a perfidious call to his supporters to harass Powell.

“Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy with his wife wasting money helping a failing left-wing magazine run by a swindler to spread fake news and hatred,” Trump etched. “Call her, write to her, let her know what you think about it!”

This is not a direct call for threats or violence. But the past has shown that Trump’s supporters translate his words into action. In October 2018, fanatical Trump fan Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. sent pipe bombs to CNN as well as prominent Trump critics, including the Obamas, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

The US President cared little about the act; nor did he change his inciting and inciting rhetoric. Rather, he complained at the time that the coverage of the unprecedented bomb threat overshadowed coverage of him.



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