Donald Trump wants to ban TikTok in United States

US President Donald Trump wants to ban the popular social media application TikTok in the United States. He said that to several journalists present on board the presidential aircraft Air Force One.

Donald Trump’s relationship with China is not immediately one of much confidence. That in itself is quite striking, because as a businessman, he never stopped doing that in the Asian country and even making a deal with the Chinese government.

But as President of the United States, Trump is apparently a bit more suspicious when it comes to China and President Xi Jinping. What started with a Twitter war quickly ended in a trade war in 2019.


After that, the focus of the American president shifted to the Chinese telecom giants ZTE and especially Huawei. Both companies have (or had) a technological lead in the development of 5G and therefore also tried to conquer the American market.

Because such large corporations, China has always had close ties to the long-running Communist Party, Trump – and many others with him – feared espionage. Huawei technology could possibly be used to deliver gigantic amounts of American data to the Chinese government. Trump soon blacklisted Huawei, where the company still stands.

Chinese espionage

It has been known for a long time that TikTok does not care about the privacy and protection of their users’ data. The popular video social media application has regularly received complaints, has been involved in many scandals in recent years and does not seem to be able to solve the problems.

All these facts combined with the fact that TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance is enough to be suspicious. Many US government agencies have already banned their personnel from downloading TikTok on their smartphones. Many American politicians also prefer not to take the risk.


TikTok feels the mood for some time and tries to prevent it from losing access to such a gigantic and commercially interesting market as the United States. Recently, the American Kevin Mayer took away a big name from The Walt Disney Company. He was supposed to help convince the US Congress of the integrity of TikTok.

But apparently it’s too late for that, because Donald Trump wants to get rid of such a popular Chinese-owned application. Bloomberg recently announced that Trump would force ByteDance to sell Tiktok. In that case, Microsoft would have been one of the candidates.

Even this weekend

But a few hours later, the US president seems to have changed his mind again. On board the Air Force One presidential plane, he is said to have told reporters present that he will be banning TikTok in the United States very soon. “As far as TikTok is concerned, we ban them from the United States,” said Trump.

If it depends on the president, the ban will come this weekend. According to him, that would be possible by means of a presidential decree or an economic emergency law. Trump is firmly convinced that as president he has the authority to introduce such a ban.

Empty hall in Tulsa

His aversion to the social medium, which is especially popular with young people, is therefore great. It was TikTokkers, together with K-pop fans, who made sure that the hall of his election rally in Tulsa remained largely read at the end of June.


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