Donald Trump wants to “regulate” Twitter after warnings of false messages

US President Donald Trump loves Twitter. Although that love has seriously cooled in recent days. The social networking site has added a link to a tweet from Trump warning his followers that the information they received was not entirely accurate. The most powerful man on earth was not set up with Twitter’s move, and expressed his displeasure … via Twitter. The US president claims that he will “never allow” the deprivation of liberty for American citizens (read: himself).

It is no longer a secret that Donald Trump has a rather special connection with media and social media. The US President provides many news channels fake newsstamp and also has such (not so) subtle preferences.

New policy

Trump often speaks out on Twitter. His messages are sometimes positive (about themselves, of course), and sometimes negative (about other people and media then). His communication on social media has been rather negative in recent days, and for good reason.

Twitter has a new policy, which ensures that users cannot manipulate or influence elections or other social processes. And that was exactly what Donald Trump was doing with his messages about postal voting.

Substantially fraudulent

The President of the United States took to Twitter earlier this week to warn his followers about voting by post. They would be “nothing short of substantially fraudulent”. “Mailboxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged and even printed illegally and fraudulently signed,” it said.

President Trump wrote that the state of California had sent ballot papers to everyone who lives there. “That will be followed by professionals who tell all those people who have never thought of voting how and who to vote for. This was going to be a manipulated election! ”

“The facts about voting by mail”

Donald Trump on Twitter

The information given by Donald Trump is not correct. And that’s why Twitter added a warning with a link (which can be seen on screenshots) to its message. Under the president’s text, Twitter users can now click on a link that gives them “the facts about voting by post”.

The state of California has not sent ballot papers, but a voting request. This means that people who want to vote by post can now request their ballot paper. Voting by mail is also a habit in 34 of 50 US states (and Washington D.C.), and Donald Trump himself voted by post earlier this year.

“Regulate, or even shutdown”

Trump was not set up with Twitter’s warning. And shared his displeasure … via Twitter! “Republicans feel that social media completely silences conservative voices,” it sounds. “We will strictly regulate, or even shut them down, before we allow this.”

“Suppressing free speech”

“Twitter is now interfering in my 2020 presidential campaign,” Donald Trump wrote moments later. “They say that my message about voting by mail, which will lead to terrible corruption and fraud, is not correct.”

The current US president criticizes the sources that the social media platform has used for his warning under Trump’s previous tweet. “Twitter is suppressing completely free speech, and I, as president, will not allow it!”

“I will never allow that!”

Big Tech is doing all in its considerable power to CENSOR in the run-up to the 2020 elections, Trump Trump wrote earlier today. “When that happens, we will no longer have our freedom. I will never allow that! ”

“They did their best in 2016, and they lost. Now they have gone completely CRAZY. I will keep you posted !!! ”wrote the most powerful man on earth.


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