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‘Don’t squeak when there is a noise’

Jort Kelder has faced a lot of criticism since he and Welmoed Sijtsma On 1 presents. His interviews with, among others, the American ambassador Pete Hoekstra and Thierry Baudet caused a stir. He is not surprised by that.

“If you ask me for such a program, you shouldn’t beep when there is a noise,” says Kelder The Telegraph. “I think I mainly do my job, which is always something to negotiate. My clash with the ambassador led to left-wing praise for the Trump lackey being exposed. ”

Responses from left and right

Kelder: „The performance of Baudet and Van Haga at On 1 produced both fierce reactions from ‘woke’ activists, who think that the ‘fascists’ of the Forum should not be invited, and vicious swearing parties from the right-wing populist corner, who again believe that ‘Rutte’s boyfriend’ – me – is not their Leader. may interrupt. ”

Although the presenter knows Baudet well, he believes that this is no reason not to invite the politician to the program. “I think there are more journalists who have close or at least friendly ties with all kinds of rulers, but still do their work. I say to all those gossip majors who blame my supposed partis pris: the examples. I have a year and a half Buitenhof presented, a TV monument of the left intelligentsia, but never received a single complaint about bias. ”


During a conversation with Pete Hoekstra about the storming of the Capitol in Washington, Kelder gave the American ambassador a sneer. According to Hoekstra it was all just an exaggeration, the European reaction to the storm. “You make it such a drama, this happens every four years.” To which Kelder responded: “Riots at the Capitol every four years? No no no.” There was an awkward silence and the ambassador was tongue-tied for a moment.

Moments later he says that he found Kelder rude and that he is offended. The presenter offered another ‘present’, but Hoekstra was not pleased with that. “I don’t need a present. The only gift I want is honesty and decent treatment. This was rude. I’m insulted.”

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