Doraemon Story of Seasons is now also available for PlayStation 4

So far was Doraemon Story of Seasons only available for Nintendo Switch * and PCs since October last year, which we were also able to get an impression of. An April issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu revealed the release of a new PlayStation 4 version on July 30th in Japan.

But now Europeans can also enjoy the farming simulation, because the title is now also available for PlayStation 4. There is also a commercial version for PlayStation 4 in this country *.

Together with Nobita and his friends, it’s about building and running a farm in this charming and heartwarming adventure. Thanks to Doraemon’s tools, players can experience classic “Story of Seasons” activities, such as B. Grow crops, manage the farm, explore and hunt. In addition to their farm, they can also help develop the city by interacting with and making friends with its residents.

The release trailer for the PS4 version

Images: Doraemon Story of Seasons, Bandai Namco / Marvelous, Brownies


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