Dortmund against Bayern in live stream & TV: So you are there

Sky has the live rights for this game. With DAZN or Amazon Prime you cannot see the top game live. With a Sky receiver you can find the game on Sky Bundesliga 3 HD, the transmission starts at 5.30 p.m. with the preliminary reports. You can also see the game on Sky Bundesliga UHD – in 4K resolution. And if you are a Sky customer, you can see the game on Sky Go. Then, however, you have no access to a second sound option that transmits stadium mood from the tape, and thus at least gives some football mood.

Sky Bundesliga with stadium sound

If you don’t have a Sky subscription, you still have a Sky Ticket. Sky Ticket is Sky’s on-demand service. Currently there is even a special offer for the rest of the season with the End of Season Ticket. You pay a one-off payment of 39.99 euros, but you should cancel in good time. After that, the ticket continues to run at normal prices.

Not interested in all games for the rest of the season? Then you need the Sky Supersport Ticket for today. However, this costs 29.99 euros per month. If you book it today, it ends on June 25th, i.e. immediately before the last matchday currently scheduled for the last weekend in June and before the final of the DFB Cup. Booking the End of Season ticket is therefore much more attractive for you as a fan.

Listen to the game for free

Is it enough to hear the game? Then you can listen to the game for free on Amazon. You don’t need a prime account, just an Amazon account. Of course, the radio stations of the public broadcasters also broadcast the game. Bayern 1 and WDR 2 in particular will report here in greater detail than other stations. The clubs themselves also broadcast the games as an audio stream on FC Bayern Webradio and BVB Netradio

By the way: Parallel to the top game in the 1st league, the 2nd league also plays live. This parallel English week was made necessary by the Corona crisis.

Football stadium


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