Doskozil against the admission of refugee children from Moria

Burgenland’s SPÖ boss thinks “little of individual measures”.
Styrian party leader Lang also causes irritation.

Once again, Burgenland Governor Hans Peter Doskozil contradicts his party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner. This time in the “Moria” case. He would not accept refugee children from the burned down Greek refugee camp, he told the daily Austria (Sunday edition). His reasoning: “I don’t think much of individual measures to calm one’s social conscience and to be able to watch again how people drown in the Mediterranean every day”.

With his attitude towards taking in refugee children, Doskozil is opposed to the motto given by federal party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, “Saving lives is never symbolic politics”. One must finally “answer the system question”, says the Burgenland state party leader, however. “We are not one step further today than in 2015. A Europe-wide solution must finally be found.”

Doskozil not alone

Doskozil is not likely to be the only SPÖ state politician who is at least aloof from accepting refugees. Anton Lang, who was only elected as Styrian party leader on Friday, spoke out in favor of secure EU external borders in his speech, but left out the issue of admitting refugees, which earned him criticism from among the red student representatives.

With his attitude, Doskozil is on the safe side when it comes to the general mood in the population. According to a survey by the polling institute Unique research for the news magazine profile 56 percent believe that Austria has already taken in a large number of refugees and that local help is better.


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