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Double cast TV show The Passion for when corona strikes

Were protagonists of The Passion get corona, that role can be immediately taken over by someone else. To make that possible, double rehearsals take place. One by the intended protagonists, the other by shadow players who can invade corona.

The Passion will be broadcast live from Roermond on April 1 by KRO-NCRV. The EO stopped after ten editions this year.

Trijntje in The Passion anyway

The double cast has been reported by Jaco Doornbos of the production company working for KRO-NCRV this year The Passion is organizing. That happened today during an online presentation from Roermond. Here you can see and read about the ‘first cast’, with Freek Bartels as the protagonist (Jesus Christ).

By the way, Maria probably won’t have to be played by another player. Trijntje Oosterhuis, who plays Maria, recently had corona and is probably immune, Doornbos explained. The crew is subject to strict measures. “Nobody comes onto the set unwanted. We work with a bubble. The choir is also not clumped. And we have the advantage of being in the open air, which reduces the risks. ”

Corona already threw a spanner in the works of The Passion

The Passion was actually supposed to take place last year in Roermond with a large audience. But because of the corona virus, that did not happen. The TV spectacle about the suffering and death of Christ could not take place then. This year, Roermond will be the setting for the performance of the Passion, but it will be performed completely without an audience. People are still being sought:

Mayor Rianne Donders has already warned people who will come to Roermond during the performance on Maundy Thursday, April 1, to see that the corona measures will be enforced. She made a call to just watch the TV The Passion to watch.

Limitations also provide opportunities

The rehearsals will take place from 1 March and then recordings will already be made in several places in the Limburg bishop’s city. “For us as makers, the limitation also offers opportunities,” said Doornbos. “That is why we are very enthusiastic about this version of The Passion. We are going to involve people from all over Roermond and other parts of the country in the final number. ”

This year’s performance may show more of the urban backdrop than in previous years. For example, in the coming weeks, recordings will be made of several places in Roermond, which will later be integrated into the live performance. The theme for this performance is I’m there for you. Councilor Angely Waayen from Roermond said that today The Passion especially today is a story that can offer hope and perspective.

This is what we now know about The Passion: English hits and Freek Bartels is Jesus

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Double cast TV show The Passion for when corona strikes


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