Double supplies: Tesla electric cars from China and the USA arrive at the port of Zeebrugge

As usual in the first month of a quarter, Tesla sold very few electric cars in Europe this October – but that should change rapidly in the next few days. Because, as usual, the ships with supplies for European customers are gradually arriving. For the first time this quarter, Tesla Model 3 from China are also among them. And as a result, Tesla ships from two continents were in the port of Zeebrugge at the same time for the first time on Thursday, as local observers reported.

Discount for Tesla Model 3 from China

The ships Toscana and Grand Aurora were at the docks in Zeebrugge at a distance of only a few hundred meters late on Thursday, reported @FMossotto on Twitter and published a satellite image. First, the Grand Aurora arrived with Model 3 and other electric cars from Tesla’s parent plant in Fremont, California. According to another Twitter observer, car transporter after car transporter followed for hours to pick up the vehicles and distribute them in Europe.

A few hours later, the second Tesla ship of the day arrived in Zeebrugge, not documented with photos because of the fog. Tesla had shown the loading of the Toscana in China, because it was the first time that Model 3 was brought to Europe from the local Gigafactory. This is the standard range plus variant. Because these Model 3 have not yet received the refresh from mid-October, Tesla is currently offering them with a discount of 3000 euros in Germany.

According to more recent information, Tesla is likely to continue exporting from China to Europe and to add the new Model Y next year. For the time being, however, only around 7,000 Model 3s will be brought with two ships. According to the on-site observers, about half of them were on the Toscana, the second half is due to arrive on another ship in the next few days. Further deliveries from the USA are also expected.


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