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According to the developers, the vaccine was 90% effective in people who first received half a dose and a full dose a month later. In a control group that received two full doses, the effectiveness was 62%.

Both results are well above the 50% effectiveness that the US government has set as a lower limit, but lag behind those of competitors Pfizer and Moderna. Their vaccines are 95% effective.

No people over 55

However, it now turns out that the 90% effectiveness of the Oxford vaccine may not be accurate either. The group in which the vaccine would have been so successful turned out not only to be smaller than the control group (only 2300 volunteers), but also considerably younger. No one in the group that first received half and then a full dose was over 55 years old. People over that age are at higher risk for a serious form of the coronavirus.

The doubt is bad news for people in the Netherlands who are waiting for an injection: our country had ordered 11.5 million doses of the Oxford vaccine through the EU.

London-listed AstraZeneca shot down 6% after a US government official shared doubts about testing the vaccine. AstraZeneca’s medical director states that the difference is irrelevant. “Because no matter how you look at the results, they fall above the limit that was set beforehand.”


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