Dramatic video: chess robot breaks the finger of his 7-year-old opponent

Dramatic scenes at a children’s chess tournament: a chess robot breaks one of its opponent’s fingers. Helpers try desperately to free the finger from the robot’s claws.

A chess robot broke a finger of a seven-year-old boy at a chess tournament in Moscow (Moscow Chess Open, July 13-21, 2022), the Russian news agency TASS reports. The boy, one of the top 30 chess players in Moscow in the under 9 age group, was his opponent. This tweet shows that

from the dramatic scene.

In the video you can see how quickly the boy reacts to a move by the chess robot. He may simply react too quickly and get in the way of the robot. The boy can no longer pull his finger out from under the robot arm, more and more adults come to his aid or try to influence the robot. After a few seconds of fighting the robot, the boy is finally free and is taken away by an adult.

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The Robot: Chess Terminator

The robot goes by the name “Chess Terminator”. The robot is able to play against up to three people at the same time. The robot is set up between the three game boards and then plays in turn. He moves the chess pieces with his gripping arm. But it was precisely this gripper arm that crushed and broke the boy’s finger.

The Moscow Chess Federation gives the boy at least part of the blame. The boy reacted too quickly and didn’t give the robot the time it needed. In doing so, the boy violated safety rules, as reported by the Moscow Times. The chess robot has been in use for 15 years and this is the first such incident.

The child apparently recovered quickly from the incident and is said to have played again the next day. With a finger in a cast. His parents now want to contact the public prosecutor’s office.

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