Dream couple – Nightmare couple: The new leading role of the Obamas in the election year

The Democrats, and above all her presidential candidate, would do the right job for her Joe Biden at your feet: candidate for the US Vice Presidency. As Biden At the beginning of the year, this wish only went through the head once in public, made the headlines. Always leaves Biden longingly comments like, “I would take it immediately”, fall. But Michelle waves reliably. She is not interested in politics, says the former First Lady, who makes politics with each of her commitments, whether for fair educational opportunities or against obesity as a social stigma.

Pull the strings in the background

But to grace himself and play an unmistakable part in this Election year, the current game is the Obamas. It goes without saying for political observers that things are different in the background, especially for Barack United States an open secret. He has been in constant contact with all front figures of the Democratic Party for a long time, not just with his friend Joe Biden. Above all, he wants to show his party colleagues how to avoid Trump’s rolling negative campaign without getting his fingers dirty.

“A second Barack Obama”

That he Michelle and urgently need him in the coming months, hardly a leading democrat doubts that. Obama could deliver what Biden Can be particularly bad: inspire people. Actually, that is the sober comment Washington Postthey didn’t want to Biden, “But something else if you were honest: a second Barack Obama. “


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