Driver caught sleeping while driving Model S

The Autopilot system is one of the most advanced autonomous driving devices. But is he to the point of trusting it blindly like this driver who took the opportunity to take a nap in his Model S?

Taking advantage of updates very regularly, Tesla’s Autopilot system is proving more and more successful, to the point of bordering on fully autonomous driving. But its current configuration already makes it possible to enjoy all the advantages of driving without human intervention, at the risk of not making justice smile.

This is particularly the case of this “driver” in Canada, who made the headlines while sleeping in his Tesla Model S, launched on the highway at nearly 140 km / h. It was Sergeant Darrin Turnbull who discovered this unusual scene after being contacted by other road users. Arriving at the height of the electric sedan, the police officer then discovered the two passengers fully stretched out in the front seats without looking at what was happening in front of them.

A simple appearance for dangerous driving

The driver could have been stopped by the sergeant, resulting in withholding of the driver’s license for 24 hours. He will have to go to court for dangerous driving, in addition to a fine for speeding after accidentally accelerating the car. Fortunately, there were no accidents this time around, which was not always the case.

Making driving easier to the point of mimicking the utopia of autonomous driving, the Autopilot system offers the possibility for some unconscious people to engage in this type of behavior. Very soon, Elon Musk will unveil an evolution of the system which will however have to be confronted with the legislation.


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