Driving a car in 2022: For these reasons, we will drive better in the future

Was everything better in the past? By no means!

But it wasn’t. Because so far we have driven carefree, but also without looking ahead. After many years of “business as usual”, we are now setting out into a more climate-friendly time. One that gives hope.

Why the future of automobiles gives hope

Of course, the car world becomes more and more confusing if it becomes more difficult to choose the right car. Many ask themselves: can I still buy a new diesel? But that’s the way it is: if you buy a combustion engine in 2022, you won’t go wrong with it if you want to drive the car for a long time. They get sophisticated technology and, thanks to modern, low-emission engines, they will enjoy it for many years to come.

How e-cars come into focus

Others, on the other hand, can get their first electric car thanks to massive purchase premiums from the state and manufacturers. In some cases, the premium makes buying an electric car affordable even for those who previously only had a used car. Even better models of electrified cars are coming onto the market, and plug-in hybrids are making it easier for long-distance drivers to switch. The ranges are increasing, the charging infrastructure is getting better and better, and many people and businesses are buying a wallbox. In short: the Framework conditions for e-cars get better and better despite many obstacles. And wait and see: in a few years there will be as many electrified cars on the market as used ones that well-preserved cars with sufficient range will be cheap.

Everything gets better with better climate protection

I am positive: We have every reason to be confident. Because if we understand that we need to take better care of the earth for our own sake, then everything will be fine. I firmly believe in that. One thing is certain: a bad mood doesn’t make anything better. In this sense: Have a good and confident New Year!

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