Driving school with Tesla Model 3: “Completely different work, students and examiners are enthusiastic”

Electric cars are on the rise in Germany and are particularly popular with younger people. With this in mind, it is very fitting that some driving schools have started using electric vehicles for training. For example, several are already using Tesla Model 3, according to a recent interview with one of these driving instructors on YouTube. And in the near future there could be a lot more – not only because the importance of Teslas and other electric cars is increasing, but also because the regulations for them are becoming cheaper.

Tesla Model 3 in driving school “super-genial”

Driving instructor Alexander Erler from Bad Schwartau near Lübeck talks about his experiences with the Tesla Model 3, which was purchased this February. According to his story, the north German Tesla mechanic Ove Kröger, who has now published the interview on his YouTube channel, contributed to the purchase. In the ten months since it was purchased, the electric car has already covered 28,000 kilometers, many of them with a trailer. At Kröger it was now because of a noise in the drive, which is then no longer discussed.

Instead, it’s about the special features of the Model 3 as a driving school car. According to Erler, it’s simply “super-brilliant” and he doesn’t want anything else. As a driving instructor, the Tesla enables a completely different, more relaxed way of working, without engine noises and “pounding at the traffic lights”. According to his descriptions, the students are equally enthusiastic. They would also find the Model 3 “brilliant” in driving school use and either want to learn on it or in the Renault electric car Zoe, which is also in his fleet.

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In addition to young novice drivers, Erler has also introduced many parents to electric driving. There was great interest in his Tesla, he reports, and before the coronavirus pandemic he was happy to let them go with him – with the result that they were also “totally enthusiastic”. Among other things, he can dispel the prejudice that electric cars only come around the block once and then have to be charged for two days. And even the driving examiners, who were “very, very skeptical” at the beginning, think his Model 3 is now “brilliant”, says Erler.

The driving instructor’s enthusiasm is obviously contagious. And as he continues, training with electric cars could take a big step forward in the coming year.

New rules for electric car testing

Tesla’s and most of the others are known to have no manual transmissions and not even different gears. This makes them automatic vehicles, and so far you are only allowed to drive such vehicles if you have completed your driver’s license training and test. From April 2021, however, according to Erler, that should change: From then on, 10 driving hours in a switching car with an internal test of 15 minutes would be enough to get a driver’s license for cars of all kinds despite the remaining learning and testing with automatic.

That promises to increase the interest in learning to drive in electric cars once again, says Erler. He himself definitely wants more Tesla at work and “to see where the journey is going”. Perhaps it won’t take that long before the situation is reversed during training: If you want a full driver’s license, you would have to show that you can handle one-pedal driving in most electric cars – and especially with Tesla with the rapid acceleration.


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