DS 7 facelift: less chrome, but more power and equipment

With the DS 7, Citroën’s luxury brand started to become independent around five years ago. Since then, the SUV has been at the top of internal sales figures. To keep it that way, it has now been given a makeover. A sharper look and even more noblesse are coming with the facelift.


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The range of engines was also handled surprisingly strongly. In the future there will only be a diesel as the only pure combustion engine. But three plug-in hybrids, one of which rounds off the portfolio as a 360 hp top model.

In addition, he renounces DS 7 in the future to the suffix “Crossback”. Orders for the lifted DS 7 will start in August 2022 and will be available from dealers in late autumn 2022. Prices should start at just over 40,000 euros. (All new electric cars by 2027)

Angular look, less chrome

The facelift is visually recognizable at first glance. The DS 7 is clearly sharper and more angular than before. The front is dominated by a larger hexagonal grille and LED daytime running lights that cascade down from the new LED headlights.

The aprons were also streamlined and made more angular. At the rear, flatter, wider lights with a more sophisticated interior await. In between there is a black trim strip.

DS7 crossback facelift

New front with daytime running LEDs that cascade down like a waterfall. The grille is hexagonal.

In general, the DS 7 has lost some chrome trim to appear less baroque. If you want, you can also order the remaining accents in matt black. “Chrome Detox” is what DS chief designer Thierry Metroz calls it; something that will influence the DS design language as a whole in the future. Two new paint colors – “sapphire blue” and “silk gray” – are also being introduced.

The chief designer is particularly pleased with the color silk gray, as he revealed in an interview with AUTO BILD. Because due to the lack of metallic particles, the plain paint was initially attested internally as lacking in chic. So Metroz had to do a lot of persistence to get the paint through. That’s why the color is jokingly called “Thierry Gray” internally.

New voice control called DS IRIS

The French have also refreshed the cockpit of the DS 7. On the technical side, there is a new 12-inch screen for infotainment, which will in future feature a 360-degree camera, DS IRIS voice guidance and wireless smartphone connection. Behind the steering wheel is a 12-inch digital cockpit with refreshed graphics.

DS7 crossback facelift

Overall, the cockpit of the DS 7 is fine. But a few quirks remain – such as the operation of the power windows in the center console.

The quality of materials and workmanship have not changed, as can be seen from the seat test in the pre-series model. Soft leather, decorative pearl seams and patterned surfaces flatter hands and eyes.

A few quirks have also remained. For example, the window regulators are still in the center console – and not, as in the DS 4, in the door panels.

More equipment in the new DS 7

The equipment of the DS 7 was upgraded for the facelift. The basic equipment is still called “Bastille”, but it gets the scope of the higher quality “Bastille+”. There is also “Performance Line (+)” and “Rivoli” as well as the newly added “Opera”, where nappa leather is available in abundance.

DS7 crossback facelift

The space available in the second row is also very good. The headroom is also fine with the panoramic roof.

New colors for covers and decorative seams complete the update. The space in the rear is still good, there is space in the trunk between 555 and 1750 liters.

Only a pure combustion engine in the DS-7 program

A surprising amount has happened with the drives. With the 130 hp diesel, DS will only offer a pure combustion engine in the future. Petrol engines were completely canceled on the German market.

There are three plug-in hybrids, including two old acquaintances with system outputs of 225 hp and 300 hp. The latter comes with all-wheel drive via an electric motor on the rear axle. All plug-in hybrids get a larger battery with 14.2 kWh for a range of between 58 and 66 kilometers (depending on the version).


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New top model DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 360

The new top model is the cryptically baptized DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 360 with – guess what – all-wheel drive and 360 hp system performance. The drive is also known from the Peugeot 508 PSE or DS 9. The basic ingredients correspond to the smaller 300: A 200 hp (147 kW) four-cylinder petrol engine is supported by two electric motors with 110 hp (81 kW) and 112 hp ( 83kW).
DS7 crossback facelift

Inside, DS has given the SUV a large 12-inch screen. Material selection and processing quality are good.

Only the software was adapted for higher system performance. The luxury SUV accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, which is pretty much on par with an Audi SQ5. In order to take the increased sportiness into account, the top model gets a larger brake system, 21-inch rims, a wider track and a lowering of 15 millimeters all round.

Adjusted for equipment, prices remain the same

The lifted DS 7 will be launched in late autumn 2022 and can be ordered from August. There is no exact information about the price yet. However, DS says that the prices should not increase after adjusting for the equipment. That would mean that it will start at a good 40,000 euros.

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DS 7 Facelift (2022)

The cheapest plug-in hybrid would then be around 48,000 euros. In addition, however, it must be said that the DS 7 before the facelift was available with less equipment from around 38,000 euros. (All information about the environmental bonus)

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