DSM and Lightyear to market solar roofs for electric vehicles

Do you remember the Lightyear One, an electric sedan with a solar roof? Its designer announces the signing of a partnership with the Dutch group DSM to market solar roofs for electric vehicles.

DSM is a multinational active in many sectors. It employs more than 20,000 people in 50 countries. The group has set up an “Innovation center” which notably develops photovoltaic films. This economic juggernaut that is part of the Euronext 100 stock market index has just announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Dutch startup Lightyear. Last year, it presented an electric sedan with an announced range of up to 800 km thanks to the photovoltaic panels that cover its roof.

It is this technology that the partnership aims to commercialize in order to equip all types of vehicles: not only cars, but also utilities and buses.

The five square meters of solar cells integrated in the body of the Lightyear One are protected by a double curvature and very resistant safety glass, which continuously captures the light and recharges the battery, whether the car is in motion or on the go. stop. According to the statement released by the two partners, the energy supplied by the solar roof would cover 70 to 90% of annual mileage. It is not specified, however, under what conditions of sunshine such a performance would be possible.

DSM has developed a “conductive backsheet” which allows all the connections between the photovoltaic cells to be moved to the rear of the vehicle. This arrangement has the advantage of optimizing the surface of the solar roof, each square centimeter being available to capture the rays. This would result in a 3% increase in developed power, but also a more “elegant” aesthetic.

By intensifying our collaboration with Lightyear, we are opening a new market for our solar technologies. The potential of this product is significant: it can change the face of clean mobility and have a great impact on climate change Said Pascal de Sain, vice president of DSM Advanced Solar.


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