DTE Golf R: What the cheap chip tuning really brings

Chip tuning and additional boxes. So today many cars are performance-enhanced. Fewer and fewer fans treat themselves to the “right” tuner, who then also touches the hardware. In principle, nothing speaks against the purely electronic tuning, such as DTE Systems does with the current Golf R.

The chip tuner from Recklinghausen claims that his car with the additional box, which costs only 799 euros, has 46 hp and 79 Newton meters more than the series. Sounds like a real bargain.

DTE Golf R

In terms of lateral dynamics, the Golf R is a stunner. The standard exhaust fitted to the test car sounds like nothing. This is where the optional Akrapovič system is needed.

Will that work? Our experience: Such interventions sometimes even lead to poorer acceleration values ​​than with the works car. But let’s switch off the prejudices and deal better with the DTE technology and its black R.

DTE box easy to install

What makes the DTE box special? You work with a multi-map technology in which up to five channels (boost pressure, air mass, etc.) are optimized in real time. In addition, it can be installed very easily by laypersons, parts certificate included. Directly at the box in the engine compartment, you can choose between the programs Sport, Dynamic or Efficiency with “+” and “-“.

DTE Golf R

The pedal box is well intentioned, but has far too many setting options.

This is also possible via the mobile phone with the Bluetooth module in the box and the in-house PowerApp. Also installed in the test car: an accelerator pedal box for multiple adjustment of the accelerator pedal characteristics. Everything sounds very good, so off to the test track!

Four-wheel drive allows for some slip

We only recently tested the Golf R, so the performance can be easily compared. We set the box to “Sport” at most. No differences to the series from the starting block. The Golf jumps off just as violently, the all-wheel drive allows for some slip, 4.5 seconds to 100 – like the series. (VW Golf 8 GTI in private leasing)
DTE Golf R

Better than the pedal box is the set-up of the box in the engine compartment.

But then you actually feel a little more power, from a speed of 130 the four-cylinder pushes a little harder, is better in the feed at higher speeds, at 200 the lead of the DTE-Golf is a remarkable 1.6 seconds. In the typical overtaking sprint from 80 to 120 km/h in fifth gear, DTE promises a lead of 1.8 seconds. Unfortunately we measure only nine tenths, but he is almost two seconds quicker in the seventh.

Accelerator? Five basic settings, each finely adjustable three times, you can save yourself that. The series programs (Comfort, Sport, Race) already offer enough possibilities. Consumption? Thumbs up, more than two liters less on our 100-kilometer lap.

DTE Golf R

The DTE Golf stands on 19-inchers.

Specifications and Price: DTE Golf R

• Engine type R4
• Supercharging / boost pressure turbo
• Installation position front across
• Valves / camshafts 4 per cylinder / 2nd
• Displacement 1984cc
• kW (hp) b. rpm 269 ​​(366) /6250
• Output per liter 184 hp/l
• Nm b. rpm 499 / 4660
• Transmission 7-speed double clutch
• Type of drive four wheel drive
• Dimensions L / W / H 4290 / 2027 / 1458mm
• Tank/trunk volume 50 / 374-1230L
• Standard consumption • CO2: 7.9 l/100 km • 178 g/km
• Emissions standard Euro 6d ISC FCM
• Base Price 51,835 euros
• Test car price 54,756 euros

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