DTM at Hockenheim: Liam Lawson regains the top of the table

Liam Lawson’s eyes widened when he stepped out of his Ferrari after finishing second in race 14 of the season. Because it had an unmistakable, charred hole on the left back. The reason: an upward kinked exhaust after a bump from title rival Kelvin van der Linde in the early stages of the race at Hockenheim. Lawson was lucky to make it home on the damage.
“I don’t know if he braked, but I got a massive blow from behind. And that burned us a big hole in the rear. We were very lucky to be able to finish the race,” said Lawson, who was through the second place behind winner Lucas Auer recaptured the overall lead and now has 206 points.

Luck is included

An important indication: The luck factor, which you need in the title fight, was included in the package. “I didn’t know the car looked like this. The team didn’t tell me anything about it. A fire could have ignited. And that could have destroyed the engine,” said Lawson.

But the Ferrari held up to the finish. “That’s good, but we’ve seen how quickly things can change, especially with the extra weight. That’s a good position, but we have to keep staying clean,” said Lawson.

Liam Lawson.

In addition: Van der Linde received a five-second penalty for the bump. Since he did not do this at the mandatory pit stop according to the regulations, he was grumbled for another five seconds. A mistake by the Abt team in the hectic pace of the battle. Van der Linde also had to struggle with the 25 kilograms of additional weight for his victory on Saturday, and after the pit stops fell from fourth place and later to sixth place.

Having started from pole, the time penalty only resulted in tenth place and one point – he now stands at 192 points. Maximilian Götz (HRT), who finished third behind Auer and Lawson, also still has every chance of winning the title with 180 points. Marco Wittmann (Walkenhorst) went away empty-handed on Sunday after Saturday and should say goodbye to the title fight for the finale at the Norisring (October 8th to 10th). He has 165 points. And with that, at most, one more chance for outsiders.

Abbot: Worry about mechanics

For Abbot, too, Sunday was a pitch-black day. Because the anger about van der Linde’s double penalty was overshadowed by concern about an injured mechanic. At the stop of Mike Rockenfeller, who announced his departure from Audi after 15 years at the end of the season, the wheels on the rear axle had still turned after the tire change, and the mechanic injured his hand.

“I’m not interested in the penalties, just the mechanic’s health,” said Abt team boss Thomas Biermaier. The mechanic was taken to the hospital, a diagnosis is pending. Van der Linde didn’t want to say much about the penalties either, but he confirmed the opinion of Sat.1 expert Timo Scheider, who said that the penalty was excessive. “I don’t care about the penalties today. We have to fight even harder at the Norisring. We showed ourselves how fast it can go on Saturday,” said van der Linde.

Hockenheim – DTM – 2nd race

1. Lucas Auer (Austria) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 57: 33.498 min.
2. Liam Lawson (New Zealand) – Ferrari 488 GT3 +6.388 sec.
3. Maximilian Götz (Uffenheim) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +12,080
4. Philip Ellis (Great Britain) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +12,748
5. Daniel Juncadella (Spain) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +13,361
6. Alexander Albon (Thailand) – Ferrari 488 GT3 +15.243
7. Marvin Dienst (Lampertheim) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +17.457
8. Arjun Maini (India) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +19.418
9. Vincent Abril (France) – Mercedes-AMG GT3 +22,115
10. Kelvin van der Linde (South Africa) – Audi R8 LMS GT3 +24.161
11. Mike Rockenfeller (Landschlacht / Switzerland) – Audi R8 LMS GT3 +27.116
12. Marco Wittmann (Fürth) – BMW M6 GT3 +27.260

Driver standings after 14 of 16 races

1. Liam Lawson (New Zealand) – Ferrari 206 pts.
2. Kelvin van der Linde (South Africa) – Audi 192
3. Maximilian Götz (Uffenheim) – Mercedes 180
4. Marco Wittmann (Fürth) – BMW 165
5. Alexander Albon (Thailand) – Ferrari 130
6. Philip Ellis (Great Britain) – Mercedes 127
7. Lucas Auer (Austria) – Mercedes 125
8. Mike Rockenfeller (Landschlacht / Switzerland) – Audi 77
9. Daniel Juncadella (Spain) – Mercedes 61
10. Sheldon van der Linde (South Africa) – BMW 55

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