DTM: Interview with Berger “I believe in the DTM!”

“I believe in the DTM!”

DTM boss Gerhard Berger talks about the future of the series in an interview – and says that he wants to continue fighting.

Mr. Berger, what do you expect from the new DTM season?
Gerhard Berger (60): “I have no expectations. Just hopes. What I really want is that BMW and Audi can drive absolutely at eye level right after the first qualifying session. Only then can the athlete, in the case of the driver, make the decisive difference. Because that is my conviction: the driver should be the focus, he should decide with his achievements about victory and defeat. ”
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Can we still look forward to a DTM after 2020, after Audi announced its exit at the end of this year?
“We hope to find solutions that the platform will continue to exist in the future. Because one thing is clear: the DTM has a long tradition in Germany and a large, stable fan base. These fans deserve to keep their favorite series in the future. But in the end it is in the hands of the two manufacturers. “

The DTM starts its season in Spa this weekend

A variant could be the use of GT3 cars from private teams …
“Just as the GT3 variant is discussed in the scene, it is customer-driver sport. However, the DTM should continue to be professional racing at the highest level. With independent teams and above all with professional racers who are among the best in the world. Technical regulations have always changed and will continue to change in the future. But the DNA of the DTM – which also includes sprint races – will continue to be preserved in our considerations. ”

Does that mean that car manufacturers have to be involved?
“No. The DTM can also work wonderfully with professional private teams that work at the highest level. Whether it used to be Schnitzer, HWA, Abt and Rosberg or WRT: These are all private teams that have always been supported in different ways at the factory. One more, the other less, the other not at all. ”
What could such a scenario look like?
“It is entirely possible that Audi or BMW will support its teams, which are also their customers and partners, in the future. Just like they do on many other platforms around the world. But that would have nothing to do with a factory assignment, it simply means to make cars available to their loyal customers who have been loyal to them for years, and possibly to help them cope with the assignment. Because one thing is clear: no matter which team wins in the end, it will always be the brand for the fan – whether Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari or Mercedes – for which he waves his flags. ”

So there is still hope?
“Yes. But processing is still not ruled out, even if nobody wants it. But in times of Corona it is very difficult to make specific predictions. ”

Then the plan hasn’t died yet, in the not too distant future, to let the DTM drive with purely electric PS monsters? The corresponding study, which you already have, was impressive …
“This is definitely possible in the distant future. Whether pure electric drive, hybrid or fuel cell – everyone has to deal with that. ”
Nevertheless, this is still a dream of the future. How much are you fighting for the DTM?
“Right. Now it’s about surviving the next two years. And it is about whether the ITR dares to overcome this valley. If that is the case, then I hope that the
Platform that German motorsport will maintain for many years to come. I personally can only say: I am committed to it because I believe in the DTM and am convinced of the matter. ”


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