DTM: Maximilian Götz celebrates winning the title emotionally

When Maximilian Götz briefly let the DTM title win on the podium, tears rolled. They couldn’t be stopped. But he didn’t even try to hold her back. Therefore, the 35-year-old howled unrestrained. At that moment it was clear to him: his promising, unhappy, sad and unusual career finally has a happy ending.

“It is a great satisfaction to join the ranks of DTM champions, to see my name there. These are the greats in sport. I always believed in myself, my family supported me, ”said Götz.

It wasn’t easy. Because in 2003, when he won Formula BMW, he beat Sebastian Vettel and was considered the next German Formula 1 talent. Was well on the way to joining Michael Schumacher or Nick Heidfeld in the premier class. But while Vettel had a picture-perfect career in Formula 1 with four titles, Götz was proof that talent alone is not always enough. Above all, money worries slowed him and his career.
While Götz ran out of money to continue his career, he was overtaken by Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Nico Hülkenberg. His career came to a screeching halt, in between Götz sat on the couch at home and didn’t know what to do next. But even then, giving up was not an option.

“The chance to make it further back then was there. But I didn’t waste a thought, I just enjoyed the moment. I can be satisfied with what I have achieved, ”he said. He is now one of the most accomplished GT specialists.

The fourth career opportunity

He had spoken of his fourth career opportunity in the run-up to the final race. He left Formula BMW and Formula 3 behind before he worked his way up through GT racing and got his first DTM chance in 2015. But even that remained unused, after the 2016 season it was sorted out. The fact that the DTM now relies on GT3 regulations was a stroke of luck for GT expert Götz.
He was in the title fight from the start, but the hottest candidates were always Liam Lawson and Kelvin van der Linde, who were still ahead of him in the overall standings before the thriller on Sunday. But when two argue, Götz is happy, because his two competitors collided after the start in turn one. The Grundigkehre is known for collisions of this kind, and yet van der Linde rushed into Lawson and cleared the way for Götz.

Maximilian Götz celebrates winning the title.

“Karma also plays a role in our sport. In the end, the winner was someone who kept a cool head, stayed calm and believed in the team philosophy. I was able to watch it in a relaxed manner, because the race came to me, ”said Götz. And the satisfaction could not be ignored.

Team order a matter of course?

No question about it: Without the help of his colleagues from the brand, who slowed down in the end and allowed Götz to catch up 15 seconds behind, he would not have won the title. For Götz this is a matter of course. “It was to be expected that the others would play along. If you can win the big pot, then you have to stick together, ”said Götz.

However, the stable management has always been the subject of criticism from DTM fans. But Götz waves it away. “Ask Pascal Wehrlein how he became a champion in 2015. You can only become champion if you get good results all year round ”, said Götz, who also takes the two rivals to their duties. “Both have taken themselves out of the race. You would not have deserved the title after yesterday and today. Driving yourself into the car like that – you don’t do that. I don’t care what the others think. “

The opinion of the series boss is interesting, because Gerhard Berger was always an opponent of strategy games. But there are exceptions for him too.

Berger comparison with Senna

“As an athlete, I don’t like that, I don’t want to see it. But it’s the reality, ”he said, referring to his playing days when he was team-mate of the great Ayrton Senna. “If he was fighting for the title and I couldn’t win it anymore, the team didn’t have to tell me anything. I helped him, he was my team-mate, my family. “He therefore understands Mercedes:” Even if I don’t like it: It would have been wrong to do it differently. “

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