DTM: Müller wrestles down Rast: Exciting thriller for the title

Exciting thriller about the title

René Rast and Nico Müller fight a furious battle for the DTM title. The first round of Hockenheim goes to Nico Müller.

W.hat for a thriller in the DTM – for the last title with the 600 hp class 1 cars. The two contenders René Rast and Nico Müller overtook each other several times. That was motorsport at its finest.
Qualifying already showed where the journey is headed: Rast took pole position, but just 0.048 seconds ahead of Nico Müller. So it was set up for a furious race.

Nico Müller passed René Rast at the start. But: That wasn’t an advantage. As a reminder: only those driving behind are allowed to use the 60 additional horsepower for five seconds to overtake and activate the DRS wing. In lap nine, therefore, the first place swap took place: Rast received Müller.


Rast lost points


Now Müller was in attack position. He attacked on laps 13 and 14, but Rast held out tough. In lap 17, the Swiss turned into the pits. Rast reacted a lap later, but it took his Rosberg team a little longer to change tires. Müller and, in the meantime, Jamie Green and Robin Frijns passed Rast.

Glock with Vettel bug

But Rast fought his way back. On lap 28 he grabbed Müller again. As soon as the Swiss wanted to counter, the safety car hit the track. Reason: Timo Glock sank his RMG BMW in the Sachs curve in the same place in the gravel as Sebastian Vettel sank his Ferrari at the 2018 German GP.

After the restart, Rast initially stayed ahead. With three laps to go, Müller passed Rast. That was the race decision. With this, the Abt driver keeps the title race open.

Accordingly, his joy: “What a thriller. To be honest, I expected that it would be nerve-wracking, that it would be open until the last lap. But the guys did a great job with a great strategy. The pace was even with René. Those are the 25 important points. “

The gap has thus shrunk to 13 points. That should provide for the next sleepless night for René Rast, who already couldn’t sleep well today: “I woke up two or three times at night. Usually that doesn’t happen to me. But it would be a lie if I said I’m not nervous. “

So everything is set up for a thrilling finale. Sat.1 will broadcast again tomorrow from 1 p.m.

Result Hockenheim 1
1. Nico Müller (Audi Abt)
2. René Rast (Audi Rosberg)
3. Jamie Green (Audi Rosberg)
4. Loïc Duval (Audi Phoenix)
5. Jonathan Aberdein (BMW RMR)
6. Mike Rockenfeller (Audi Phoenix)
7. Robin Frijns (Audi Abt)
8. Robert Kubica (ART BMW)
9. Philipp Eng (BMW RBM)
10. Sheldon van der Linde (BMW RBM)

Driver ranking
1. René Rast 325
2. Nico Müller 312
3. Robin Frijns 269
4. Mike Rockenfeller 125
5. Timo Glock 116
6. Sheldon Van der Linde 106
7. Loïc Duval 100
8. Marco Wittmann 95
9 Jamie Green 82
10. Ferdinand Habsburg 68
11. Jonathan Aberyour 56
12. Lucas Auer 51
13. Philipp Eng 47
14. Harrison Newey 27
15. Robert Kubica 20
16. Fabio Scherer 20
17. Benoît Tréluyer 0

Team ranking
1. Audi Abt 581
2. Audi Rosberg 407
3. Audi Phoenix 225
4. BMW RMG 211
5. BMW RBM 153
6. BMW RMR 107
7th WRT Audi 103
8. ART BMW 20


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