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Due to corona, cities urgently need to redesign public spaces

And it goes on. You have to wear a mask on the bus or train and you are asked to use your own car. All measures are pushing people back to a situation that we no longer wanted and could not return to, in the long term.

It could also be different. When we are clapping on the street for care at eight o’clock in the evening, we notice how our streets are arranged for cars, even if they are not there for a while. We need to talk about parked cars, and always be on the lookout for a rare passing car, so to speak, on its way to an essential destination.

Of course we have to keep our distance, also in parks and forests. Just like we should have been neat in public toilets for a long time. Perhaps we will soon be able to appoint park madams and lakes, by analogy with the toilet madams. They can keep an eye on things and disinfect the benches when someone leaves. So that as city dwellers we can still use the public space to which we are entitled.


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