Due to problems with Model Y: Tesla slips to penultimate place in the US quality ranking

The US consumer organization Consumer Reports (CR) has published its 2020 ranking on the quality of models from major car brands. The results are based on surveys of members at CR – and they are not flattering for Tesla: Hardly any car on the US market is rated worse than the Model Y of the electric car pioneer, and the Model S has also lost its CR recommendation . Overall, Tesla came second to last of the 26 brands in the ranking.

Tesla Model Y lost its glass roof

In its communication, CR itself speaks of a “reliability ranking”, ie an evaluation of reliability. However, this is misleading because, as the organization explains, members are asked about “any” problems with their cars in the past twelve months, with the exception of accidental damage. Specifically, this also includes paint defects or rattling body parts, even if they are repaired as a guarantee; however, they are given less weight.

Nevertheless, it is precisely in this consideration of points that are not critical for driving ability that the reason for the poor rating of the Tesla Model Y lies. Deliveries have been made in North America since March – and the initial joy about the early start was soon mixed with complaints about the abundance of defects in new vehicles. The paintwork in particular seems to be a significant weak point, and badly fitting parts inside and out have also been reported. At one point, the entire glass roof of a Model Y is said to have been lost on the first trip after being picked up.

Mercedes GLE rated even worse

The consequence: Tesla got a total of 29 points in the CR ranking, and the Model Y even only 5 points – only the Lincoln Aviator (the manufacturer is also the last of the whole list), the Ford Explorer and the Mercedes GLE get worse rated. But while the German SUV seems to be an outlier (the other three Mercedes models have values ​​from 43 points), Tesla’s Model S and Model X do not make it onto the CR recommendation list either; the Model S could be found on it before.

The hectic activities to increase production at the Tesla plant in Fremont despite the compulsory coronavirus break and subsequent restrictions from late spring seem to have affected not only the new Model Y during ramp-up, but also Tesla’s other electric cars. A ray of hope is the Model 3, which achieved 53 points and is still recommended by CR.


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