Due to the large crowds, Bpost is no longer able to deliver all parcels to your home, trade federation Comeos furious

The trade federation Comeos is reacting sharply to Bpost’s announcement that some of the customers will have to pick up their parcels themselves at a collection point. “This is no longer serious”, Comeos CEO Dominique Michel responds.

“The government has closed the shops and at the same time called on Belgians to order online from the merchants,” said Michel. “Now it appears that Bpost cannot deliver on this and the company is asking to pick up the parcels themselves. We wonder what the next step is? That the customers will have to sort their parcels themselves in the sorting centers?”

Comeos also says it has testimonials from merchants, showing that Bpost would sometimes refuse to pick up parcels from the merchants because there are too many. An open letter about this will also appear in the newspapers on Saturday. “Corona is difficult for everyone, but e-commerce is still the only way for many of our merchants to realize a small part of their turnover. If that fails, we can just as well close the books,” says the federation. She calls on the government to intervene.


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