Dutch greens want to give all 18-year-olds 10,000 euros in starting capital: pay millionaires

The Dutch party GroenLinks wants to give every 18-year-old Dutch person a starting capital of 10,000 euros. The Dutch Greens officially propose this as an alternative to the basic grant, which was abolished five years ago. “The money can be used for education, but also for setting up your own company,” said Jesse Klaver’s party.

Five years ago, the basic grant for education in the Netherlands disappeared. Instead, the loan system was introduced, partly with the support of GroenLinks, to pay for your studies. Many parties at our northern neighbors who approved this loan system have changed their minds in the meantime. In the meantime, even a majority in the Senate wants to get rid of the system. Some parties want to return to the basic grant, but GroenLinks is now coming up with this remarkable alternative.

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GroenLinks wants the payment of the start-up capital to start retroactively from 2015, the year in which the student loan system was introduced. “With the starting capital, students who have since been confronted with this can partially or completely repay their student debt,” says Groenlinks to the Dutch Volkskrant, among others. In addition, if it depends on GroenLinks, the money must also be made available to all young people who fell under the loan system in the past five years.

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Supplementary grant

In addition, GroenLinks wants to expand the system of the supplementary grant for education. Young people, whose parents earn 100,000 euros or less per year, should be eligible for this, says GroenLinks.

Rich pay

The progressive party estimates that those plans will cost about $ 2.2 billion. How does GroenLinks want to pay for that? By introducing a wealth tax on millionaires. GroenLinks wants to introduce a tax of 1 percent for people with more than 1 million euros and a tax of 2 percent for people with more than 2 million euros.

It is no coincidence: this weekend GroenLinks will present its new election program.


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